How do we make a successful transition to a reliable, environmentally-friendly, and affordable energy supply? Which hightech materials and processes will help us to push forward with technical innovations? And how will we shape the digital revolution? These are big questions that need answers in the next few years. Researchers at TU Clausthal are working on precisely these issues.

Energy - Material - Information

These are our key areas of interest. TU Clausthal‘s research profile is now strongly focused on these three themes. Four new research focus areas have been defined based on social relevance and academic excellence:

  • Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Raw Materials Supply and Resource Efficiency
  • Innovative Materials and Processes for Competitive Products
  • Open Cyber-Physical Systems and Simulation

As an innovative university TU Clausthal prides itself on its deep commitment to technology transfer. A significant proportion of the third-party funding that the university raises annually, which exceeds 30 million euros, comes from the business sector. What is more, over the past 30 years dozens of university spin-off companies have been formed. Some of them are now global market leaders in their field.

TU Clausthal sees itself as a driver of innovation in the region, but its reach also extends far beyond the local area. Global networking is extremely important to the university‘s highly developed international profile and worldwide reputation. After all, research relies on inspiration from regional and international sources alike.

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