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Research Focus Areas

The Sustainable Energy Systems research focus area seeks to answer the question of how we can use renewable sources to deliver a reliable energy supply. [More ...]

The Raw Materials Supply and Resource Effciency research focus area addresses ways in which Germany can safeguard its future as a location for high-technology. [More ...]

New materials and their use form the focus of the Innovative Materials and Processes research focus area for Competitive Products. [More ...]

The Open Cyber-Physical Systems and Simulation research focus area concentrates on the opportunities and problems posed by the ever-increasing interconnectedness of everyday objects and machines. [More ...]

The four research focus areas are all linked to each other at different points and complement one another.

For example, the transition to renewable energy sources will only be successful with innovative hightech materials. These are also needed to make vehicle bodies lighter, solar modules more efcient, and wind turbines more robust.

Many of these substances are based on resources that are already in short supply today. Now more than ever, making efcient use of these raw materials is a critical issue for the future. System components need to be produced in such a way that they are as recyclable as possible.

Complex manufacturing processes demand greater networking of industrial production – a concept that has come to be known as Industry 4.0. If machines and the items that they handle are able to communicate with each other, manufacturing processes will become more exible and less error-prone. Cyber-physical systems are also a key to more efcient use of power grids and modes of transport.


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