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Sustainable Energy Systems

There is a problem with wind: it doesn't always blow when you need it. And at our latitude we cannot always rely on the sun making an appearance either. If nuclear and fossil fuels are to be phased out in the medium term, then we need a reliable alternative. Researchers focusing on sustainable energy systems at TU Clausthal are searching for answers to the question of how we can use renewable sources to deliver a guaranteed, secure energy supply. The research focus area brings together 25 professors from the fields of materials science, physical technologies, energy systems engineering, process engineering, law, and the management sciences.

The primary focus is on innovative concepts that allow excess green energy to be stored and released when needed, be that after milliseconds, hours, days or months. Methods include storage of compressed air or hydrogen in underground caverns. New business models are also required to make this type of scenario attractive to the energy sector. The goal is to increase security of supply – despite variations in production output – by facilitating the continued co-development of solutions for the generation, use, and storage of energy.

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