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Innovative Materials and Processes for Competitive Products

Hi-tech materials make vehicle bodies lighter, solar modules more efficient, and wind turbines more robust. They are indispensable in the transition to renewable energy sources and with regard to Germany's competitiveness as a location for industry. TU Clausthal is one of Germany's leading universities for research in the material sciences and its implementation in production processes. The Innovative Materials and Processes research focus area reflects this expertise. The researchers involved are principally focusing on four aspects:

  • To better understand the basic principles of the properties and phenomena of materials.
  • This knowledge is a prerequisite for systematically optimizing materials in terms of specific characteristics and even for designing entirely new materials.
  • New materials pose new challenges when designing products: for example, a tailgate made of special steel or aluminium not only needs to be lightweight, it must also be as durable as possible whilst being easy and cost-effective to recycle.
  • Ultimately, the processes by which materials and products are manufactured economically and in large quantities need to be optimized too.

Applying the results in practice is an important priority for the researchers. For that to happen, on many projects they work closely with industry partners.

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