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Raw Materials Supply and Resource Efficiency

The figures are alarming: in 2007 60 billion tonnes of raw materials were consumed on Earth, this is likely to rise to 100 billion tonnes in 2030. Exploiting natural deposits is not enough to meet this growing requirement on an ongoing basis. The supply of raw materials together with resource efficiency is therefore one of the key challenges facing us over the coming decade.

A research focus area has been established at TU Clausthal to address this very issue. The researchers involved are pursuing three sub-strategies:

  • Tapping new deposits of primary raw materials using advanced technologies and exploiting them in a more efficient way than was previously the case.
  • Recovering the vast amount of raw materials contained in used products and landfill.
  • Making more economical use of scarce raw materials or replacing them with less scarce materials.

The structure of the research focus area also reflects these three sub-strategies. It is divided into clusters focusing on primary resources, recycling, and substitution. At present, the research focus area includes 51 professors from 30 institutes who conduct research and teach in these three areas.

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